Jessica Yurash Body-Art


Temporary Body Art has been in existence since tribal cultures used clay to decorate their bodies ceremoniously. Traditional body painting for the most part has evolved into the cosmetics we know today.

Jessica Yurash is a body painter, model, actor, puppeteer, and performer. She has an A.A. in Theatre and spends her time doing what she loves every single day.

Her biggest passion is body painting. She began as a model, getting painted at least a dozen times, and gained a fast growing amount of knowledge about the other side of the brush. She has experience as a professional body painting assistant to Trina Merry, and is excited to pursue her own painting journey! Jessica is open to travel.

Many corporate media organizations and businesses take advantage of what body painting has to offer to advertising.

Bodypainting is not only an esthetically pleasing form of artwork, but also an especially human endeavor. People tend to connect to body painting in a specific way.

Individuals can also explore a new way of looking at themselves by being body painted, that's in a safe, supportive and artistic environment.

Jessica Yurash has also been a professional character face-painter at birthdays for about three years, and uses the same high quality make-up paints for body painting.


anyone can become art.

Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Jessica can take any human canvas and transform a person's entire image to make beautiful temporary art that washes off in the shower!